Mitchie Brusco Wins X-games Gold!!!

It’s been a long time coming.  Mitchie Brusco has been blowing minds and competing on the world stage at X Games since he was just 13 years old, back in 2011.  Mitchie has already had a career marked with spectacular achievements; he was the youngest competitor to land a 900, then the first to ever land a 1080.  He had racked up six medals before coming to X Games Minneapolis 2018, but they were always Silver and Bronze.

Mitchie finally added Gold to his collection with a massive 1080 in Big Air—and added another Bronze in Vert for good measure.  2018 has been the highlight of his career—so far.  At just 21, Mitchie will keep raising the bar for a long time to come.

Triple Eight could not be more stoked for him!  We’ve sponsored Mitchie since he was in kindergarten, and it’s been an awesome journey watching him grow into the beast of a skater he is today.  We can’t wait to see what he pulls next.

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