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  • Josiah "JoJo" Jones

    Josiah "JoJo" Jones JoJo hopped onto his dad's skateboard for the first time when he was barely a toddler and from there, he was hooked. Over the next few years, skateboarding was his thing.At 6, his 'hobby' became a healthy obsession and, since then, JoJo (now 12) continues to train, on average, six hours a day, seven days a week. At 7, he took his first...
  • Lizzie Armanto

    Lizzie Armanto

    Lizzie Armanto has been leading the women's skateboarding charge for years. She currently holds three X-Games medals and a whole bunch of other accomplishments -  including the cover of Thrasher Magazine, a Birdhouse pro model, signature Bones Wheels and Vans shoes. In 2018, she became the first female skater to complete The Loop - and now in 2020, she's riding with us. 
  • David Retzlaff

    David Retzlaff

    Slopestyle and Big Air specialist riding for Snowboard Club Vail in Colorado.
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