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Cory Berglar

Cory Berglar

Cory Berglar from Jackson, NJ

“I’m short, jacked and tan with tattoos. I’ve always loved riding BMX between the freedom it gives you to the adrenaline rush I’ve been hooked since day one!  Well that and I wasn’t tall enough for any other sport…hahaha jk. “Not really” I started doing BMX shows and traveling all around when I was 15 and my bike has taken me to some amazing places it’s allowed me to meet some awesome people and has given me some of the best memories ever! #110%”

Cory is a regular on the very popular Scotty Cranmer YouTube channel and he is currently traveling the world  filming.
Cory’s favorite spots to ride are the Incline Club & Woodward Lot 8
His favorite food is Dino Nuggets.

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