RD Bumsaver Padded Shorts

Protect yourself from the pack.
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Designed with the help of female derby skaters, the RD Bumsaver will help keep you flying around the track no matter how hard, or how often, you get sent to the floor. It’s specifically constructed to withstand the bumps and bruises of derby, while hugging the natural contours of derby skaters of all sizes.
  • Lycra® body provides a cool and snug fit
  • Removable shock absorbing EVA foam pads make them customizable & easy to wash
  • Broad tailbone and butt padding
  • Convenient small inside pocket for your mouthguard, ID, cash, etc.
  • Light and flexible for total overall comfort
  • Short leg length

Roller Derby

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
An Absolute Must

I've been wearing these hip pads for 4 years and just ordered a new pair. They are fantastic. Low profile, but such a great added layer of protection. Highly recommend!

Worth all the pennies

I am learning to skate in my late 30s, and I wore these bumsavers today because I fall a lot when trying T-stops. Well, I fell on my bum at the end of my session trying higher speeds, and it felt almost like nothing. Highly recommend these.


I love these pads. I used to wear the normal Bumsavers for ice skating, but started to find the fit not as comfortable as I would have liked. The regular Bumsavers also lacked protection in a couple of spots around my hips that I found myself repeatedly falling on at the skate park on my quads. I decided to try the RD edition since I had also started roller derby, and WOW I am glad I did. The fit on the RD Bumsaver is SIGNIFICANTLY more comfortable for bodies with a more feminine shape, and fit much nicer around my hips and waist. They're also nice and short, which matches much better with the typical derby shorts. I've also found that the lack of outer thigh protection compared to the longer models isn't really missed, and while I'm sure there are less-protected spots on these, I haven't yet found any that are causing me problems. These do run about a size smaller than the regular Bumsavers though, so don't make the same mistake I did - I was a medium in the regulars, but a large in the RD edition. I've had mine for a couple months now and have skated in them on average probably 4 times a week, and I have not seen any significant degradation of the material. They're also quite nice from a compression shorts/shapewear perspective, so really just a thoroughly satisfying product!
I plan on wearing these every time I skate until I can't skate anymore.

Ample protection, high quality, but not intended for men

These are fantastic shorts! Dense padding with plenty of coverage, including the buttocks, tailbone, thighs and up and over the hips. High-quality materials and very nice feeling.

Ultimately, I returned them because they're definitely designed for women. I knew that before ordering but liked the shorter cut as opposed to the men's Bumsaver shorts, not accounting for the lack of room in the crotch - clearly my own fault.

I'd recommend ordering up a size if you're deliberating between sizes - they're compression shorts and they do run a little snug, I think.

Anyhow, great shorts and will certainly save you some pain. I liked them so much that went ahead and ordered the men's version instead.

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