Park 2-Pack Knee & Elbow Pads

Pack it up and head to the park.
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Now you can pick up our KP 22 Knee Pads and our EP 55 Elbow Pads together in a lightweight mesh backpack.
  • Heavy duty EVA memory foam
  • High–density, impact-resistant cap securely attached with reinforced rivets
  • KP22 has neoprene butterfly closure
  • EP 55 has a comfortable and cool Lycra® sleeve
  • Top elastic and bottom webbed adjustable straps
  • Flat cap design for longevity and stability

Skateboarding; In-Line Skating/Rollerblading; Roller Derby; Biking

Customer Reviews

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James McDermott
Elbow pads

Poor construction and one is so much smaller than the other it is uncomfortable to wear.

David Guerrero
Good protection but fit is off

Happy to get these. But the butterfly enclosure on the upper thigh is too short. Previously I bought the medium size knee pads and they are much too big. Being right between sizes sucks.

Great pads, but the knees could use a bit more top coverage

These were the most *serious* set of pads I had used when I got them, and I loved them. They feel overall quite sturdy and have decent coverage, and for lower-impact use like ice skating they were perfect. I started doing park skating and roller derby though, and I have found that the KP22 knee pads are just not substantial enough around the top of my knees. Part of the problem is probably due to my larges fitting *just slightly* too big for me, but it wasn't a problem until I started falling with a lot more speed and force when bailing at the park or getting hit on the derby track. They still offer decent enough protection, but I found that as I'd make impact they would slip down just enough so that the top of my knees would get hit pretty hard. I solved the issue well enough by wearing Killer 187 knee gaskets underneath, both ensuring no-slip protection in problem areas and making the KP22's fit more snugly. I still use these without concern for ice skating and other lower-impact activities, but I am going to be switching to some higher-coverage knees for my derby and park skating.
The elbow pads from this set are great and I have no real complaints for them. I like the sleeve-fit much better than other pads' simple 2-strap style, though I have lately found the stitching around the sleeve to be a (very) minor annoyance on my arms. Still one of, if not the most comfortable elbow pad sets I've ever used though. Overall this is a super good value bundle.

Top Notch

Made with great materials and designed to meet your needs. These pads are what you need to comfortably and confidently take on any skating challenge. You can tell this company cares about their product and customers.

Zach Hubbard
Awesome pads

Let me start out by saying these pads are awesome. They provide the protection needed for new skaters and seasoned pros. I will say that if your thighs are on the thicker side you should size up. Triple 8 customer service is second to none. Marie was more than accommodating at helping me exchange for the right size. I can’t wait to advance my skills with the confidence these pads instill. Thanks Triple 8, you all rock!!!

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