We Take Care Of Our Own

Over the years, we’ve assembled a group of men, women and youth riders from around the globe that represent the values, character and downright toughness of the products we make. Some are big time pros with trophy cases full of X Games medals and Dew Tour hardware, while others are slightly less famous riders who continue to push the boundaries of their sport. In fact, Triple Eight has equipped some of the youngest athletes ever to compete in the industry’s biggest events worldwide, with our gear giving them the confidence to grow their skills and reach their fullest potential. Our team members’ accomplishments and input continually inspire us to make the world’s best action sports gear.

Pro Skate

Tony Hawk

Elliot Sloan

Andy Macdonald

Mike Vallely

Kevin Staab

Paul-Luc Ronchetti

Pierre-Luc Gagnon

Mitchie Brusco

Trey Wood

Jeromy Green

Bryce Wettstein

The Crew

Evan Doherty

Liam Pace

Jed Fuller

Markus Olberz

Yndiara Asp

Dora Varella

Camila Borges

Isadora Pacheco

Shani Bru

Brandon Loupos

Jeremy Malott

Tom Van Den Bogaard

Alex Leibrock

Jacob Bailey

Jack Fahey

Cameron Girvin

Cory Berglar

Mike Fede

Gui Khury

Keefer Wilson

Fox Rio

Tyson Zane

Leif Trasser

Spencer Breaux

Gaby Ponce

Taiyo Ogino

Alana Smith

JP Boggia

Aidan Gunningham

Danny Burnstein

Guille Salva

Anton Zvyagintzev

Tamara Prader

Tyron Knight

Laurent Perigault

Alex Kubiak Ho Chi

Chapa Santa Maria

Gina Mendez

Kiefer Dixon

Cami Best

Alex Schoff

Jonathan Cheever

Derby & Quad

Rose City Rollers

Philly Roller Derby

Montréal Roller Derby

Crime City Rollers

Los Anarchists Junior Derby

Miss Tea Maven

Bonnie Thunders

Erin Jackson

Falcon Punch


Gal Of Fray

Princess Lay Ya Out

Mange Moi El Cul


Queen Loseyateefa

Travis Reynolds

Octane Jane

Moonsun Witch


Nikita Elaine

Kiana Maxwell

Liberty Lilley

Roller Darby

Speed Bry U