Aidan Gunningham

My name is Aidan Gunningham, I’m 17 years old. I’m still currently living in my hometown McKinney, TX. My mom is American and my Dad is from England. I’ve been around wakeboarding for almost 7 years but it was all mainly a hobby till 2012. My love for the sport of wakeboarding turned into an addiction.

One of my family members actually introduced me to the sport and insisted I have to give it a shot. So one day I decided to get a lesson at the only cable park in Texas (Texas Ski Ranch). And sure enough, I got up first try and I was hooked! I never regret the day I made the decision that wakeboarding was my passion 100%!

My favorite spot to shred is no doubt Hydrous WakeParks! We have 2 locations, one in Allen Tx & Little Elm Tx. When I’m not riding, I’m coaching at hydrous. Love the feeling of getting people stoked and introduced into a growing sport. Not only that, but I definitely enjoy motivating the next generation of little shredders to make them successful and with the best attitude as a Wakeboarder. That’s what wakeboarding is all about.

Favorite trick:
That’s a tough one…. I like to spin no doubt. Anything I can do to make a spin look unique or grabbed a certain way.

Contest results:
2nd place in the Wake Well Kicker Contest Pro Devision

1st place in the Shredtoberfest kicker contest

3 time overall park champion for the National Points Chase Qualifiers. 2012-2014

2nd in open men’s features at the Wake Park Triple Crown 2014

1st at the Rusty Nails & Janky Rails contest Open men’s.

3rd in open men’s features at the 2014 National Points Chase Championship.

2nd in open men’s at Cablestock 2014.