Elliot Sloan

Born and raised in New York City, Elliot was drawn to street skating at an early age but quickly found his calling in big vert and mega ramp.  After moving to California, Elliot has risen to superstar status with a slew of medals and groundbreaking video parts.  He has a compound in Vista, CA that is the dream of every skater–with a massive sprawling vert ramp and a new mega ramp that Triple Eight helped him build.  With 9 X Games medals including 3 Gold, and another 2 Gold Medals at Nitro World Games, Elliot was at the top of his game in 2017 and is rolling into 2018 as the heavy favorite in Mega.  Elliot also played a huge role in helping develop the Certified Sweatsaver helmet here at Triple Eight. When Elliott is not rockin’ on his board in competitions around the globe, he’s rockin’ with his band The Stranded.