Mike Vallely


Mike Vallely is a true skateboard legend and a lot more:  He’s a family man, businessman, musician, stuntman, hockey player, and punk-poet rebel from Edison, NJ who has always charted his own course, and left an indelible mark on skateboarding.

Mike has recently surprised many skaters by choosing to wear a helmet every time he skates, after decades of skating without one.  The culture of street skating, which he helped to define, largely rejects helmets.  After some soul-searching, Mike decided it was time for him to make a personal change.

“A lot of people have asked, Mike why do you wear a helmet now?  ‘You know, to protect my head.’  But you never wore a helmet before… ‘I do now.  Get used to it.

Triple Eight and Mike V are collaborating on GET USED TO IT, a new project to provide a different perspective on helmets.  Stay tuned for new video and web content, products, and a lot more from the minds of Mike V & Triple Eight.  Coming very soon!

X Games Real Street — the flagship, original Real series event — just wrapped up its sixth year. This time around, the Fan Favorite vote was a one-round, winner-take-all cage match. Voting ended Sunday, June 28, with Mike Vallely taking the clear lead as the people’s choice. Watch Mike Vallely’s Real Street 2015 video here:

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