Paul-Luc Ronchetti

Growing up 100 miles from the nearest vert ramp in England didn’t stop Paul-Luc Ronchetti from becoming one of the world’s top vert skaters. After moving to SoCal in 2008, 15 year old Paul-Luc’s skating thrived with the abundance of skate park and ramp options at this disposal. He would become one of the first brits to win a medal in an X-Games skate category in 2015. The 2016 competition was his 6th X-Games appearance. Aside from skating, Paul-Luc doesn’t limit his abilities, he is also a talented drummer and producer in his free time.

Paul-Luc skates and hangs with fellow Triple Eight rider, Elliot Sloan–who is stoked to welcome Paul-Luc to the team. Check out the video here.